Duuniexpo is back! Duuniexpo 2020 is held on Wednesday 12 th of February at the Mukkula M19 LAB campus between 10 – 16. We have interesting program for you to enjoy with named business life speakers, workshops and exhibitors introducing their companies. At Duuniexpo you can explore the BisnesKlinikka, LinkedIn profile picture workshop or jump on a TAVATA date.

You can download our program in pdf-format by clicking here. The program also has an exhibition map to help you to navigate at the campus.

Program in the Auditorium:
10.30-11.00: Opening speech
Turo Kilpeläinen - LAB head principal - In finnish

11.00-11.45: Differences in networking in Finland/abroad
Mika Kivimäki - OP Päijät-Häme - In English

12.00-12.45: From practice to general manager
Aleksi Salminen - Shopping center REDI - In finnish

13-14.45: Design Venture media workshop:
Ilkka Kauppinen - Branding in social media - In finnish

15.00-15.45: Building a successful team
Jukka Jalonen - In finnish


Seminar room A122:

12.00-12.30: Työmarkkinatori
Leena Rankila – KEHA-keskus – In finnish


Speeches will be held at the auditorium of the Lahti campus (Mukkulankatu 19). After each speech there will be 5-10 minutes reserved for your questions.