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DuuniExpo X Bisnespäivä 12.2.2020

Vuoden 2020 DuuniExpot järjestettiin 12.2.2020. Kiitos kaikille näytteilleasettajille, puhujille, yhteistyökumppaneille ja messuvieraille! Tavataan ensi vuonna uudestaan!

Year 2020 starts with the well-known DuuniExpo x Bisnespäivä event that is a networking and recruitment event bringing together our students and the businesses and entrepreneurs in the Lahti region. This year the theme is networking and co-operation between universities and local businesses. Time: Wednesday 12.2.2020, starting 10.00 am till 16.00 pm Location: NiemiCampus, Mukkulankatu 19, Lahti

Interested about our exhibitors or want to check out our exhibition map? You can see the exhibitors and the map in here or read more about arriving to the campus, parking and free fair bus in here.

What DuuniExpo X Businessday can offer?

In DuuniExpo x Bisnespäivä you will find well known speakers, business introductions and different workshops to boost your career. At the event you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself to the business world and network for your next career steps.

Welcome to the DuuniExpo X Bisnespäivä to network, learn and to get inspired!

Tavata service

During the DuuniExpo you can use Tavata service to organize short meetings with the companies present at Expo. With TAVATA service you can connect with new people and schedule meetings in advance. You can create your personal profile by clicking here or by visiting on TAVATAs website

When you have signed up you can join the DuuniExpo event with the code: DE20

For more information please visit TAVATAs website by clicking here.

During the event, you can update your LinkedIn photo with a professional!

at 10-13